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Rug Repair

Here is an undeniable fact: Damaged rugs gradually lose their splendor and value. However, they can be repaired, so don’t panic if your rug is falling apart. Our forte is doing a high-quality job. No guesswork is involved. After we inspect and assess the problems, we waste no time with figuring out which repair method will achieve the desired result. What can we restore and preserve? Our answer is your rug’s character and integrity. Since we are going to fix it right to make it look and feel new again, we only have one thing to say: Future generations will get to walk on and marvel at your rug because it will have greater longevity thanks to our rug repair NYC service.


An Approach Unlike Any Other


Instead of doing what other rug restorations do, we adhere to a code of excellence so that we can set a higher standard in our industry. That’s why we focus on the details regardless of the rug type. With a wealth of experience under our belts, we fully understand how to improve hand-knotted rugs that have complex designs. We also know all about rug repair in New York.


Side Repairs


Heavy foot traffic and years of general wear and tear cause rugs to fray. We encourage our customers to reach out to our rug cleaning company as soon as they notice this common issue. Hesitating to seek a solution will certainly lead to an even bigger problem because frayed sides don’t repair themselves. We have to redo the sides so that their edges will be stronger, smoother and more intact. After we finish, your rug’s pile will no longer be at risk of unraveling.


Tear and Hole Repairs


The techniques we use facilitate our ability to make effective repairs. From separating the backing to trimming and securing messy fringes with the Zangera stitch technique, we are prepared to do it all. Labor-intensive repair jobs aren’t too challenging for us to handle. We sweat and exert ourselves to save the rugs that customers cherish. If you see any holes or tears, why not let us patch them up? The patching technique is easy for us because we are true professionals with skilled hands.


Rug Restoration NYC Experts You Can Rely On


It goes without saying that you should entrust your rugs to experts anytime they are due for maintenance. We will address all your concerns to give you some much-needed peace of mind. Say goodbye to minor and major problems, ranging from color bleeding to water damage.

What if the rug can’t be repaired or isn’t worth the cost?


Before we take action on your antique rug, we provide you with an estimate for the restoration and repair. We give you a detailed explanation of service by our professional restore and repair team. Be assured that we will indicate if we feel that investing a certain amount into restoring your antique is worth while from a financial standpoint. We completely understand that your antique rug may have a sentimental value which money can’t buy. While some area rugs may not justify the restoration cost, if you wish to move forward with it, we will take on any restoration and repair project.


Can a rug’s fringes be repaired?


Yes, we can bound and repair fringes. The main caveat is that one will need to address the fringe repairs as soon as possible to keep the cost down. The more the fringes will unravel, the more expensive the repair will be, especially if the unraveling extends into the pile of the rug. While some people may choose to recreate or repair fringes, some others will prefer to simply overcast and secure the antique rug’s ends


What’s the difference between rug restoration and rug repair?


For the most part, people tend to use the terms “restoration” and “repair” interchangeably. An antique rug repair job will address specific problems. Addressing and repairing those specific problems is considered to be an area rug repair job. This is mainly because we will not restore the entire antique rug to its original state.


*Please note that a rug restoration may also refer to fixing a particular problem, or it may involve restoring the antique rug completely (depending on what needs to be done). Either way, a restoration project brings your area rug back to its original state.*


Can a patch be used to repair a hole in my rug?


In order to save time and money, patches may be used to make rug repairs. However, when patches are used to repair, you have to keep in mind that nothing will look as good as actually reconstructing the foundation and re-piling the area to perfectly match the design and texture.


What are some common damages that rugs tend to suffer?


The most common types of antique rug repairs tend to be rips, fraying, holes, thinning, color / sun fading, stretching, fringe damage, water damage, moth damage, fire damage, stains, and area rugs that need to be resized so that it can fit a new space. All these “damages” can be mended and repaired by our team. However, in many cases (such as moth damaged rugs), your carpets will need to be professionally cleaned before any repairs are made.


Why must antique rugs be cleaned before they are restored?


There are many reasons why antique oriental carpets should be washed before being restored and repaired. For instance, the washing process kills all the moth larvae and eggs so that once the repair is complete, you will not have to worry about the critters eating the wool pile of your rug. Another reason is that dust can make the reweaving process much more difficult. In addition, cleaning the rug will bring up the colors and designs so that they could be matched much better.


Are antique rugs with wool foundations more susceptible to moth damage?


Unfortunately, yes, they are. Antique rugs with cotton foundations are less susceptible to to have moth damage that those with wool foundations. Moths, as well at other kinds of insects, generally prefer animal fibers like wool to vegetable fibers like cotton. If you have antique cotton rugs and you see holes, those are more likely to have been the result of improper care or use. However, both cases are repairable and the foundation will probably need to be rebuilt if the hole is extensive.

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