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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Whether they are in a home, a hotel, an auction house or in an apartment, antique rugs and carpets are beautiful luxury items. Therefore, they need to have the proper care in order to ensure their longevity, beauty and value. Even with weekly vacuuming, grit and dirt will accumulate in the foundation of your antique rug and can eventually cause damage.

As we specialize in the trading, selling, appraisal, consulting and restoration of antique carpets, we provide a complete professional cleaning service for oriental and hand-knotted carpets. We will fully clean and protect your area antique carpets for damage and long term wear.

How do I know when it’s time to have my antique rug cleaned?

To keep its luxurious aspects and bright colors for years to come, your antique rug should be professionally cleaned every three to five years, depending on how much foot traffic it receives.

What if my antique rug has stains?

Stains are generally the most obvious sign that your antique carpet needs to be cleaned. Aside from gently specking spills, you better leave stain-removal work to professionals. Stains will tend to set it and get worked into the fibers as they are rubbed or as they dry. Please note that bugs, moth, and rot are more likely to affect dirty antique rugs, including those kept in storage.

How do antique rugs get cleaned?

Most of the antique rug cleaning process includes five steps.

The key to getting your antique rugs clean is that the cleaning starts before we actually wash it. Below, you will find the general cleaning steps for antique rugs:

  • Step 1: Your antique rug will be put in a dusting machine for many hours, where all the grit and dust embedded deep into the fibres will be removed. This first step process is dry.
  • Step 2: Then, we test your antique rug’s fibres for colour fastness. Our professional team wants to protect the colors on your antique rug and avoid causing the design and pattern to blend in together. At this step, our technician will add blockers if your antique rug shows a tendency for the colors to run out.
  • Step 3: All stubborn stains are cleaned and removed by hand.
  • Step 4:Then, your area rug will go into a bath where it is soaked in both water and soap. After, its fibers get lightly scoured, then it will go to the jet wash and come out through the wringers at the back of the machine.
  • Step 5:You antique area rug gets hung in a well-ventilated temperature-controlled drying room where the fringes are hand cleaned.

Other cleaning processes

Different types of area rugs may require extra or different steps in the cleaning process. Our experienced rug cleaning technicians know that some materials can be more sensitive to cleaning products or processes, so we make sure to follow the recommended steps for your specific antique area rug.

For instance, an antique wool rug tends to be more durable and colorfast, but it tends to be more sensitive to alkaline chemicals, so we use cleaners that leave your wool rug at the right pH balance.

Instead of spending money on expensive cleaning products and time researching how to clean and care for your rug, bring your antique rugs to professional antique rug cleaners. Regular professional cleaning services will help preserve your antique rug on a long-term basis, therefore extending its life span while keeping its colours, patterns and designs vibrant.

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