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Organic Rug Cleaning

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One search online will expose you to some commonly used methods. Some people attempt to clean their rugs with a diluted mixture of vinegar and lemon. Do you have baking soda? Applying this can remove odors, but make it a point to err on the side of caution. Baking soda and vinegar can have an adverse effect and can shorten the life of your rugs. In addition, some over-the-counter products contain chemicals that will send your health spiraling out of control. We eliminate such possibilities with our organic rug cleaners products. You want to see zero blemishes, so count on us to clean your rugs properly. The objective is to clean them until they look and feel new.


We are thorough cleaners who aim to deliver flawless results. Instead of leaving some residue behind, the essential natural oils in our sprays give rise to a fresh and pleasant smell. Our customers expect us to go a step further. After all, they choose us so that they can get their money’s worth. With that said, you can rest assured that our green carpet cleaning system doesn’t just remove the gunk and dust mites that sit on the surface of rugs. The system is so effective because it also targets the dirt embedded in the fibers. Because of this, old stains don’t have a chance to resurface.


Best Equipment Combined With the Organic Cleaning Technologies


To be successful at our job, we understand that we have to train and improve continually. Since every cleaner at Elite Rug Cleaning is passionate about green cleaning rugs organically, it won’t take us long to finish. We use the safest and the fastest techniques. The drying process generally takes at least six hours, depending on the green cleaning method and the size of the rug.


A Worthwhile Decision that Pays Dividends


There’s no question that we can help you maintain your favorite rugs in optimal condition. When we put our skills into action, it’s no secret that we can fulfill the needs of any rug owner. Let us prove ourselves to you!

When you look for “professional silk rug cleaning near me”, there is a long list of options to choose from. However, when you pick the right one, you would know because of the whole approach towards rugs and rug cleaning. At Elite Rug Care, for example, we treat every rug like a valuable piece of art, irrespective of its construct. We love area rugs and appreciate their beauty and things that make them unique. It is this appreciation that enables us to approach each of these pieces with dedicated care and a methodical process of cleaning or maintenance. For professional silk rug cleaning, we make sure that you are able to enjoy benefits such as:


Increased Hygiene


Our silk rug cleaners are equipped with all the tools and products needed for a truly deep and safe cleaning service. So, you can be sure that the rugs you get back from us are free of stains, odors, debris, dust, allergens and so on.


Increased Lifespan


We handle silk rugs with special care. And we work towards refreshing the fibers without causing any damage to the surface. Our treatments not only guarantee an ideal cleanup but also, a healthier outcome that boosts the longevity of the rugs.


Higher ROI


Our professional silk rug cleaning methods are developed to protect the quality of your rugs at all times. The better we maintain your rugs, the more you can enjoy the return on investment on these pieces.


Better Comfort


Who doesn’t prefer cleaner, healthier indoor environments? And your area rugs, or more specifically, their cleaning, plays a big role in determining the indoor air quality. In other words, clean rugs mean better comfort indoors.


Enhanced Appeal


Finally, when you treat your silk rugs with specialized cleaning processes, it shows on their surface. They look more beautiful and free of unwanted stains or substances. All of it adds to their visual and aesthetic appeal.

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