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Sisal Rug Care

Sisal rugs, popular for their durability, strength, and beauty, are great natural alternatives to synthetic rugs. The Sisal fiber comes from the leaves of the Agave Sisalana plant, and is harvested for the production of chord, rope, and twine. Originating among the ancient Mesoamerican cultures, Sisal is increasingly popular with interior designers today.

It May Be Easy to Maintain, but It Still Needs A Thorough Cleaning

These rugs give a sophisticated, yet organic feel to a room; they are also easy to maintain, making them stylish choices in many homes. However, they require dry cleaning methods only, without the use of liquids and excessive conditioners, so as not to shrink or crumple the fibers.

Our Special Sisal Rug Process

We have created a special process for cleaning your Sisal rug and give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our services. By choosing Flat Rate you are not only choosing to protect the texture and beauty of your rug, but also the cost of expensive and unnecessary future repairs.

Sisal rugs by the seashore

Authentic Sisal fiber is made from the leaves of the Agave Sisalana plant. Its look, weave and natural color adds an organic, breathable feel to a room. Their durability and relative low prices mean they are often found in high traffic areas of the home, coming into constant contact with feet, food, pet hair and all sorts of daily debris.

Almost every rug will need stain or spot removal during its lifetime. Stains of all kinds affect the look, feel and even the odor of a rug. Immediate blotting is always the first thing to do in case of a spill, but certain liquids like urine or colored drinks can really bind to a rug’s fibers.

A Sisal Specialty

Since they are essentially woven out of dried leaves, they require a very specialized type of cleaning and care. In NY & NJ , we have gathered the experience and skill that make cleaning a sisal rug – or any other, such as Turkish, Oriental, Indian and even Sheepskin, to name a few – a trustworthy experience.

Our cleaning professionals carefully inspect your rug. Depending on your rug’s needs, we then clean it in water, or with dry cleaning products. We have formulated a special cleaning method for Sisal rugs.

Expert rug repair for treasured rugs

Did you know that woven Sisal rugs can be very attractive to pets?  They can do real damage and treat the rug as chew toys or scratching posts.

When your pet has frayed the fibers or chewed down the edges of a rug, before replacing it with a new one it is a very good idea to see what can be done to fix it.

Any rug that has been damaged, if it is a beloved piece and an investment, should be evaluated to see what repairs can be affected. An expert, invisible repair can take a damaged, marred looking rug and turn it around back to health.

We offer complete repair of Sisal and other rugs in NY & NJ:

  • Holes and binding repair
  • Backing repair and replacement
  • Rug blocking
  • Fringe replacement
  • Rug overcasting

Rug resizing is another option, especially if recycling is important to you.

Recycling a rug with extensive damage into a smaller piece to save it, or even if you are just in the mood for a decor “upcycle”. Taking into consideration the damage and the design, it is possible to create a brand new showpiece for your home.

Your Sisal rug, skillfully restored

Pets can affect rugs, including Sisal fiber rugs, in a way – their urine can stain the fibers and cause them to alter their color. Sunlight can also create faded spots, especially if a rug has been stationed in direct sunlight for a long time. One thing to do to avoid this is to turn the rug periodically, to even out the influence if the sun.

When a rug’s colors become drastically changed to the point where it begins to be an eyesore, think about having the colors restored. Any area rug can be assessed to see how it can be touched up color-wise.

Restoration always begins after cleaning, to remove dirt that could affect the dye process and to reveal the colors as they are. In this way we ensure a match.

When a Sisal rug has stains or faded patches, coloring it in its entirety is something to be explored.

Trust us with your Sisal rug

For any rug that comes into our facility, our highly skilled dyers will work their magic Top quality vegetable dyes mixed with our teams ability will bring back your rugs colors and vibrancy.

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