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Antique Rug Care

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Antique Rug Care

Antique rugs (that is, rugs over 60 years old) are delicate handcrafts that need special care and attention to ensure their beauty is preserved, abc rug restoration’s antique rug cleaning process will leave your rug in pristine condition.

At ABC Rug Restoration, after determining a rug’s specific treatment, the rug will be dusted, hand-washed in an immersion bath, and then carefully laid flat to dry in a climate-controlled room. This tailor-made process will not only clean your antique rug, but also improve its sheen and feel.

Only Organic

We use organic products when cleaning to ensure that not only your rug is protected from harsh and abrasive chemicals, but also the environment, and the health of you and your family.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We give you a 100% guarantee that the cleaning and repairs given to your antique rug are first rate and that you will be more than satisfied with the results.

Proven expert cleaning for Antique rugs

Antique rugs could be a family heirloom, or a gift by someone close to you. It may be valuable to you because you chose it yourself, after looking for a long time for the perfect rug.

And now it got dirty, it looks faded, or it has a new smell you are not pleased with. That where we come in, we our expert antique rug cleaning services in New York & New Jersey.

Our Process

In order to have your antique rug cared the way it should, we developed a process which both protects the rug while being cleaned (the use of a cleaning patch), and gets it thoroughly cleaned – the use of “dusting”, which is crucial. We then apply any of our 100% organic methods, whether it dry cleaning or with the right use of water. Since your rug may be walked on daily and could suffer from wear and tear, we deal with it delicately, and keep its unique qualities alive and well.

Add time to your rug’s life

With the right cleaning process, your antique rug can look and feel better for a long time. Our tools and methods are aimed at extending your rugs life, while keeping it looking as beautiful as ever.

 Antique Rug Cleaning

Not everyone has the skill and equipment to repair Antique rugs. We do. We offer complete repair of Antique rugs in New York, and guarantee an expert service that provides quality care, meeting the highest standarts.

  • Antique Reweaving
    No matter how big the hole is in your rug, we have a solution for it. We can reweave a whole new foundation, while matching the material in color and style.
  • Antique fringe repair and replace
    Fringes are the most susceptible part of the rug, when it comes to wear and tear. Since it’s not always weaved into the foundation, fringes often start pull out and go missing. We repair or replace entire rows of fringes, either by hand or by machine. After we care for it, it would look natural and will be connected strongly to the rug.
  • Antique Rug Binding
    Binding is a very visible part of your rug, and one that can also be – relatively – easily damaged. Depends on the state of it, we chose our process: by hand or by machine. After we finish, your rug binding will look fully compatible with the rest of your rug.
  • Antique Rug Re-sizing
    Rug resizing is process in which the technicians cut the rug into a smaller size, in order to take care of any damages caused to the outside edges of your rug.
  • Antique Rug Blocking 
    Our blocking service, which comes after the cleaning stage in our process, is used often on thinner rugs, in order to keep it smooth and without any wrinkles.
  • Antique Rug Overcasting
    Overcastting is an expert service, designed to make your rugs foundations and fringes stronger. It also keep your fringes from becoming undone and an eye sore.

Professional Restoration for your Antique Rug

An antique rug is an investment, and often a personal treasure, but it can also be a real problem to look after. We’re not always as careful as we should be with our possessions, and even antique rugs can become damaged and soiled.

Other rug cleaning companies may remove the visible stains, but may not get rid of all the dust building up inside of your rug, and weakening its foundations.
They also may not be able to fix fibers weakened by water damage, or damaged by acid in harsh cleaning products or urine, antique rug cleaning is an art.

Return to it’s original state

ABC Rug Restoration has the experience, skill and supplies to restore your antique rug. We provide excellent antique rug  cleaning and restoration services for the Greater New York area, including New Jersey and Connecticut.

We not only fixes the stains and remove dirt from your rug, we clean your rug through to its foundations. We fix and straighten fringing, repair and replace backing, restore color using only organic vegetable based dyes and deodorize your rug so that it looks and smells fresh.

We do this with the greatest of care, but we understand how delicate and unique each antique rug is, and how precious it is to you.

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